STORM® OverView

STORM® High-Speed File Transfer Software
STORM® is an application to transfer files in high-speed on a network such as the Internet.
By using UDP, STORM® allows users to use the bandwidth of the line without being affected by the network environment. Unique flow control on UDP enables high-speed and reliable file transfer.

STORM® uses patented technology from TBS Television, Inc.STORM® is commerce Trademark of TBS Television,Inc.


1. High Speed

※on 80Mbps average performance.
※depends on customer environment.
Transfer Speed
Area Performance
Japan 90Mbps
United States of America 85Mbps
Mongolia 75Mbps
China 83Mbps
Sweden 80Mbps
Transfer Time
Size Transfer Time
1GB 1min20sec〜1min50sec
5GB 8min20sec〜10min
  • ・High speed and reliability realized by unique STORM protocol
  • ・Uses bandwidth efficiently with Independent of network health

2. Strong Secure

  • ・Packets are sent with AES-256 encryption to realize strong security.
  • ・The high-speed communication, It can be used with only one UDP port.
  • ・The user information can be centrally managed by server side.

3.  Reliable

  • ・It is hardly affected by line delay and packet loss.
  • ・The original UDP transfer protocol
  • ・Protocol optimization and World wide (Japan-USA,Japan-EastAsia,Japan-Euro)
  • ・Proven technology (Broadcast stations,
    Vancouver and London Olympics, and more events.)

4. Easy and Simple

It is very easy to install and operate.

  • ・【Server】Installation is completed simply by Installer software.
  • ・【Client】Easy setup/registration user info.

Auto optimization, Transfer config

  • ・No special communication settings are required
  • ・The software automatically optimizes performance according to line conditions.